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current passing through human body

Since the last 3 4 mnths I am facing a strange problem that I can't really describe. I feel a sudden electric current like passing through my finger tips on touching steel objects ( utensils, taps etc) or empty egg shells etc. sometimes if other people try to finger touch me on my hand there suddenly appears a friction and we both get the sensation of current passing "Anadrol 50" and so pull our hands away. This is really strange and appears more frequently during the night time. Throughut the day the number of occurrences are very few. My doc is unable t understnd the problem either and my sister feels worried as she has touched my hand many times and got the shock sensation. Also there is a slight patting sound when this current passes. Please help me know if anybody else also has come across a similar problem.

You isn't understanding the problem. I get ths sudden shock sensation while I may be sitting or working in the kitchen, while I may try to pick up a utensil or while eating food. Sometimes I might just be sitting in one place on a normal chair and there someone just tries to touch me and that person feels a sudden current pass through his/her body. I also experience the sudden current flow and Primobolan En Zweten immediately withdraw my hand away from the other person. This happens when I am not in contact with any electrical or electronic device. I know the problem is very strange.

Recently I have discovered that my mother too has started suffering with the same problem. Is it pssible "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" that I have passed the "Anaboliset Aineet" electric current within my body on to her through touch? I am scared. This is seriously strange how can such kindof static electricity or whatever remain in a human body for such a long time? And let me tell you , this baloon and hair example that you have quoted is similar to the mild friction caused by certain "Anaboliset Aineet" nylon fabrics rubbing against you body during cold and dry weather. But this shock that I get is a bit more stronger than that and is only getting stronger day by day . Nowadays is getting a little painful for one whole minute or so after pulling mu hand away from the place or object where friction is caused. Anybody with similar experiences?

I am also suffering from the same problem

The above comment you mentioned "You all should be very pleased with yourselves, do not seek medical attention but spiritual guidance and you may likely find Equipoise Pra Que Serve the answers you seek"

What does this really mean? I attend prayers and I also go to temples and church. Sustanon 250 3rd Week so how does this relate with the current shock passing through the body, and I can also sense a light passing over me.

When I touch water I can sense a shock and also when "buy cheap jintropin online" I touch a metal or another human.

Why is this happening to me? Should I consult a doctor. Is it bcs I am spending too many hours in front of my PC ?

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